In The Midst of a #JobHunt Check out These Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

By : Aliya Drake

As a senior in college who is planning to graduate in May I know how scary it may seem to start your #JobHunt. Think about it though, what have these four years prepared you for? Theyve gotten you ready to use the skills youve learned outside and inside the classroom to be the best future employee you can be. But, if youre still having some trouble finding a job you may be interested in here are a few tips to help get you on your feet and land that first opportunity.

1. Check out what your Career Center has to offer:

The Career Center is most likely inside that building on campus that youve never been to, but should really check out. This vital, especially if youre a graduating senior because it is designed to provide you with the tools you need to obtain jobs after college. Most of the time the Career Center has connections with companies you may be looking to work for, proper research materials, and advice on job training as well as resume building.

2. Utilize your Professors office hours.

Who really wants to spend time with their professors when they could be enjoying a relaxing day after classes? No one. But if you want to build your connections and are looking for job seeking advice, this is a step youll have to be willing to take. When taking classes in your major, it may seem that every minor detail is not important for your future career, but in reality all of these things youre learning will aid to your experience with different jobs. But believe it or not, your professors will be your underlying key to success. Having been through real world experiences, they can be the best for advice on exactly what path you should take after college. Why not use their office hours to get to know them while having them get to know you? This alone could open doors for future opportunities, create a better relationship with your professor and provide you with an earful of plans for life after graduation. Dont hesitate to use them as a resource.

3. Revamp your Resume and Cover Letters

Your cover letter and resume is often the first thing a potential employer has to determine whether or not youre a good fit for the company. Make sure that all your experience is up to date and your resume is formatted correctly. Remember, your cover letter and resume should cater specifically to the job you are applying for. Hiring managers want to know how you would benefit to the company, and be an asset to their team of creators.

Landing the interview is the first step, but the hard work isnt over just yet. This step could make or break you. Here are some tips to make sure that more times than not youre receiving more yess than nos.

1. Prepare and Practice before the interview

When going into an interview its best to be prepared with questions for your future employer and or the person who interviewed you. You can also practice for the interview by researching company information to be prepared for any pop questions they may ask you. This looks to your employer that you are serious about the position in which you are applying for and really have an interest in the company.

2. Dress for Success

A clean cut, freshly done hair, and neutral colored blouse with a skirt or pants suit is best way to remain professional at a job interview. For my fashion gurus, keep your interview outfit as basic as possible. Once you land the job, you can spice it up, but for now business professional is your best bet.

3. Follow Up

Many think that after the interview the application process is over, but thats not exactly the case. Even if you feel like youve pulled off the perfect interview, a follow up email and thank you note can go a long way. This will show your future employer that you are extremely interested in the opportunity and will set you apart from your competition.

Following these steps before, during, and after an interview will keep you on your game and on the right path to completing your #JobHunt. Landing a job after college isnt easy, but hopefully these tips help to take some of that weight off of your shoulders. And remember, if you dont get one job there are a thousand others looking for someone as hardworking and dedicated as yourself. Never give up!

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