How to Handle Psychological Interviews

How to Handle Psychological Interviews

The majority of psychological interviews are designed to explore if you're honest and do your work well. There's no reason to fear them.

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It's   Just a "Fit" Test
In responsible hands, the purpose of a psychological interview is to determine whether you are one of the 90 percent of people who are honest and try to do their work wellor if you're someone who might terrorize the office, steal from your employer, or file fraudulent legal claims. A secondary goal, if you are in the 90 percent majority, might be to identify what type of assignment and management style to you would respond to best.

Most of the questions are likely to focus on your aspirations and your family background, with an effort to find a linkage between the two. Others may deal with topics such as what provides you the greatest satisfaction, what you would like to avoid, and past experiences that you enjoyed or didn't enjoy.

Relax and Tell the Truth
The most important thing to remember if you are to be interviewed by a professional psychologist is to be yourself (you don't want to look like you have something to hide). The second most important thing is not to overly dramatize your family background. If you have 14 siblings, just say you grew up in a large family, unless you're probed further. If you had an abusive parent, focus on the other parent. Don't give the psychologist a lot to feed on in terms of difficulties in your relationships with your family.

Work Questions Get Work Answers
In responding to work-related questions, use the types of answers recommended for other forms of interviewing. You want to be as proud and confident as you are in your other interviews. And avoid deception, inconsistencies, nervousness, or anxiety in your answers. You don't want to be one of the ten percent labeled untrustworthy.

In the Case of Weird Questions
Unfortunately, a few unqualified interviewers may try to play the psychologist role, coming up with such oddball questions as "If you were a tree, what kind would it be?" or "Picture yourself as a championship athlete. What sport and what position would you play?"

Give a boring but unchallengeable response. To the first question, oak (stable), maple (well liked), and redwood (long lasting) are great answers. To the second, basketball, tennis, baseball, and golf are fine. Running marathons is a bit iconoclastic, and rugby or ice hockey might suggest latent aggressiveness.

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